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Cranes Come in Various Designs to Support Construction Efforts

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Cranes Come in Various Designs to Support Construction Efforts

For people outside the construction trade, a crane is merely a crane. However, cranes come in various designs, with each one made to support certain types of lifting work. For example, static cranes, or cranes that are set up to stay in one position at a site, include the tower crane, the hammerhead crane, the level luffing crane, and the telescopic crane.

If you want a crane that can be moved or navigated, a mobile crane will suit your purposes. Mobile cranes come in the form of the rough terrain crane, the truck-mounted crane, the crawler crane, the aerial crane (also called a flying crane), the railroad crane, and the floating crane.

Choosing a Crane That Works for You

If you don’t know what type of crane is the best for your purposes, you will need to review the choices with crane companies in Perth. To decide which type of crane is best for you, you will need to review the benefits and drawbacks of each crane you are interested in. The tower crane is one of the most-used cranes in the world. The crane looks kind of like a balance scale. Whilst it is fixed to the ground, it also affixes to the sides of buildings or structures. If you are building a skyscraper, this is the crane to use.

That is because the towner crane is able to surpass the lift-and-load capacity of other cranes. It also stands taller than other cranes (thus, the name tower), and has amazing stability. However, the crane should be rented, as it is costly to maintain and can be difficult to move or shift to another spot. As a result, it can cost you a good deal of money in labour to support the crane’s use.

Another oft-used and well-known crane is the hammerhead crane. Also called a cantilever crane, this fixed jib crane features a racking motion. Throughout history, this crane has been used inside battleships to install gun barrels or armour. The hammerhead is used for a specific reason. Therefore, if you want to outfit a battleship, this crane would be your top choice. Whilst the crane is difficult to set up, it does serve the needs of anyone with a mega-large construction project.

Precision Loading on the Job

If you need a crane that will offer precision loading features, you should consider using a level luffing crane. This crane can be set to operate at a specific level in relation to the ground. Because of its special crane hook, which stays constant, and its jib arm construction, the crane can load materials with accuracy and ease. The job and load remain at the construction site, which ensures extra safety. Whilst it takes more time to lift objects, you also don’t have to worry as much about safety concerns.

The telescopic crane is yet another crane which you may want to consider for your construction or lifting project. This crane is designed to transport heavy loads or goods using a hydraulic mechanism. This is the type of crane to select if you want to transport objects to a higher location. When you use this crane, you can adjust the height and easily transport goods and materials. They are often used in ports, as embarking and disembarking of cargo is much easier when using this machinery. Loads can also be moved with precision, which makes this crane a top choice for shippers.